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Let's rock this party! (Day&Night 1) [OPEN]
carriero_npc wrote in carriero_logs
WHAT: Things get a bit busy, and the food suddenly turns unusual. Also there are another few, very light aftershocks.
WHERE: All over the patient quarters of the asylum.
WHEN: 5th-6th of August.
WARNING(S): TBA; please put a warning into your subject line if it gets higher than PG-13

New people arrived! Go exploring, meet everyone! No running in the pool area, no noise in the library, and don't play with your food. Everyone at their best behaviour! ...............or not. You know what you have to do.

!The menu has changed. Suddenly, you will find all kinds of Indian dishes there. Some of them are rather tasty, even though they don't taste like they're actually made by an Indian.

!There will be a few light aftershocks, varying between magnitude 1 and 3, spread out over the day.

● Please start your own threads and then tag around! EVERYONE, visitors and regulars alike, can start threads here!
● We'd prefer it if you always kept your threads open for everyone to tag, but if you want a thread only for yourself and a certain character(s), please put (closed) into the subject line.
● Please put a warning into your subject line if it gets any higher than PG-13
● Edit: Please mention if you are a visitor or a regular in your subject line.]

This is your soundtrack for the day

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Sweden wakes up in a room he doesn't recognize. He takes a moment to analyze his surroundings before he carefully rises from this bed he finds himself in. He's completely calm, as to be expected of the stoic Nordic, as he asses the information he slowly and carefully takes in from his surroundings.

He appears to be in a medical facility of some sort. How or why he is here, one can only guess and he can glean that staying here in this room won't answer those questions. And so he stands and makes his way to the door. Cool blue eyes blink when the door gives so easily under his hand and so it's with care and suspicion when he makes his way out into the all too sterile-looking corridor.

Empty and from one direction he can smell exotic spices. Indian food?

Sweden looks towards the direction of the smell and again asks himself mentally. Where in the world was he?

[Oh, great another handsome man and, most important, despite being tall and blonde he doesn't look german at all. Felicia is coming from the cafeteria with a small amount of food with her, wearing her usual uniform, when she notices Sweden (Why does he look so familiar anyway?) and waves at him happily]

He acknowledges the woman with a polite nod before he approaches her. He's still careful. Despite appearances, he doesn't know this woman and who knows what she may be capable of?

"'Scuse me." Sweden begins, voice low and rumbly. "May I 'sk ye a few questions?"

[Oh, you look so serious... but she smiles moving a little closer, studying the new resident. so many new people today!]

No problems for me, signore. [Your way to talk... she only heard sweden before talking like this so you're probably from north, aren't you?]

[Well, you kind of remind him of someone too. And yes, from the North]

Where're we?

He blinks when he enters the corridor, because that man looks rather familiar. A frown crosses his face and he moves a bit closer, trying to get a better look at the man when...

Oh Gott.


Just... gonna... hide behind the door leading into this hallway, yes.

He sees movement from the corner of his eye from one end of the hall and it makes him pause. Sweden didn't quite catch what caused the movement, but he's instantly on his guard. The tall Nordic stays still, waiting to see if he will catch a better visual of this... Thing that moved.

He very cautiously opens the door just a hair, to peek out, looking to see if Sweden is still out in the hallway or if he's returned to his room.

Nope. Still in the hallway.

Shutting door!

The door slams shut. Slowly, Sweden turns to look at it and waits for a long moment, willing it to open again just so he can be free of this paranoia. What or who is watching him? Is it whoever abducted him and took him to this strange place? While Sweden may be a man of great patience, he is not the type to just wait to be attacked. Too bad there doesn't seem to be any available weapons on hand. Good thing he is also pretty skilled with just his hands. And so, with stealth that will probably surprise anyone given his height and bulk, he moves quietly towards the door, keeping to the wall as he does so. Then again, he waits for his opportunity.

He doesn't hear any movement, so despite having accidentally slammed the door in his haste, he assumes Sweden hasn't moved. While there's no real reason to be on this side of the level, he is curious to see what all the I.D. numbers are for the new arrivals, having not bothered to check earlier. So, very cautiously, he opens the door a little, frowning when he doesn't see Sweden anywhere.

The door opens and Sweden is ready to attack. Senses on alert, body tense, he's ready enough to reach over and accost whoever this person is but then stops as he realizes that he knows who this is. White hair. That bone structure. Perhaps they're not close but he's seen Prussia enough through the centuries that he'd recognize him anywhere. The albino just has a way of imprinting himself into the landscape of anyone's memories once he decides to make his presence known. And he certainly does it loudly.

Sweden knows what Prussia is capable of, despite being a now-dissolved Nation. Thus it should not be surprising that he grabs a hold of Prussia anyway, his hand falling on the scruff of the albino's neck, even if he just intends to speak to him. Perhaps this is all just a misunderstanding.



Have a very unconscious Preußen, dangling limply from the grip on the back of his neck.


Sweden sighs as he looks down rather bemusedly at the now-unconscious Prussia dangling from his grip. It's a good thing he has good reflexes or Prussia might have ended up falling to the floor and smacking his head. Which will of course not do.

He can't exactly just leave the fainted ex-Nation in the corridor and so, with another sigh, he takes up Prussia in his arms. With that, he starts moving back towards the room he found himself in just a few moments before. Maybe he'll get his answers once Prussia wakes up.

This bed he is laying in is surprisingly comfortable. He thinks he'll just lay here a few more minutes then... except, wait a minute. Wasn't he out in the stairwell hiding from Sweden? So how in the world did he end up in a bed? Maybe it was just a nightmare. Yes, that's it. A nightmare. So it will be perfectly fine for him to just continue laying here, dozing, and maybe he can get to a good dream?

Meanwhile, Gilbird is chirping, sounding like he's talking to someone. "Pi~ Piyo pipipi chirp! Twee twee tweet piyopii~!" Thank you for put in bed! I sorry so rude!

Prussia groans under his breath, because honestly, doesn't Gilbird know the only person who can understand him is his awesome owner? That, and little warm bird feet on his forehead are a little uncomfortable.

Sweden is sitting by the bed, waiting for Prussia to come to. He looks to the ever-present bird bouncing excitedly over his master's forehead. It looks like it's very happy about something though Sweden has no idea whatever that could be. He doesn't exactly speak bird. With lack of any understanding of bird-speak, Sweden remains quiet and just continues to wait.

He looks over Prussia who is all stretched out unconscious on the same bed he woke up in just a few minutes before. He does hope he's all right.

"...mein Gott Gilbird, shut up, whoever it is can't understand you!" With a groan, he swats annoyedly at his forehead, though it's a very uncoordinated motion as he'd like to get back to sleep. The bird flits off his forehead to sit on the dresser, while Prussia grumbles and finally opens an eye to see just where he is and who Gilbird was talking... to...


This is... not. awesome... at all.


Cool blue eyes look to Prussia, quietly examining him. He seems fine as far as he's concerned. Sweden wishes that this fainting business is done and over with. He can't exactly get any kind of useful information from an unconscious Prussia after all.

The Swede inclines his head to the Nation on the bed, just staying where he is. He's not so oblivious that he won't notice that his presence seems to make the other very uncomfortable (to put it mildly). It's not really anything new. Touching him seems to make things all the worse so he'll just stay where he is. Besides, he's not that much of a touchy person anyway.


"F-funny meeting y-y-you here..." He hasn't been this nervous since he finally went to war against Sweden. Considering for a while there, he had been relying on the older nation to supply his military with decent officers, and that war had been, among other things, a bit of a teenage temper tantrum against the fucking Lion of the North... well. He's frankly amazed he still exists. And that Sweden hasn't killed him in his sleep yet even now.

He almost wants to faint again, really.

"Mn." Sweden rumbles in sort of agreement. "Funny" is one way to put it though he doesn't quite find it funny that he's here without any explanation whatsoever. His eyes wander around the room he and Prussia are now in and asks, straight to the point.

"Where're we?"

At least that question is one he can answer. Hopefully Sweden doesn't want to know why. Still, he sits up, trying to compose himself a bit, and feeling all too much like he did back when he had been relying on the other man to help keep his army in line; a nervous young recruit, really. Right. He could do that then, so he can do this now. "It's called Carriero. It's some kind of asylum." Nervously, he fusses with the gold braid trimming his coatsleeve.

[If he looks back, he'll find Floweregg sleep at the bottom end of his bed, pawing for imaginary cats or something like that in her dream.]

Well, he does eventually wander back into the room when he finds no one in sight. He's a bit surprised at finding Floweregg on the bed he just occupied not long before. The Nation quietly approaches the dog and just sits beside him. He's not sure if he should be happy that his pet is here with him. Who knows what this place does with cute little dogs like Floweregg?

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